Over the last 36 years our church recording group has been working with churches in Wiltshire.  They have been an inspiration to all, and have recorded and presented the records to 37 churches.  Belinda Johnston has led the group with a core of a dozen dedicated members and others who have given many years of service. This group is retiring en bloc as they feel unable to go on, however they are keen to help new groups to start.

Many have helped in the tasks over the years however, on the 5 June 2019, in recognition of this tremendous achievement the group were awarded the first Wyvern Award by Wessex Area.  Vanessa Hallam, Chairman of Wessex Area, presented the members of the group with the award and a bottle of champagne each in recognition of their outstanding achievement.  We all offer our congratulations to the group.

Recording involves photographing, preserving and disseminating information on Church buildings, fabric and contents, and presenting the records to the church and community.  This involves no previous specialist knowledge, but is very rewarding to learn about.  Making records of churches is a very important, indeed unique, contribution that The Arts Society continues to make to our heritage.

We hope that members will come together and start a new Church Recording group shortly.  If you feel that you would enjoy this aspect of volunteering with The Arts Society, please get in touch with the Chairman.