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01 July 2020Turner vs Constable: The Great British Paint-Off. The lecture will be delivered live by Zoom.
03 June 2020The Silver Thread: Silver Filigree & Traditional Arts in Kosovo Pending - please see communication sent on 30 May with details
06 May 2020Tapestry - the ultimate wall decoration. This lecture was cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic
01 April 2020August Rodin - This lecture was cancelled duevto the Coronavirus pandemic
04 March 2020A Tour of Big Ben
05 February 2020Great Railway Stations - invoking the spirit of romance and adventure
08 January 2020Botticelli's Florence
04 December 2019Carols from Kings: Uncovering the Unexpected. A King's College Christmas
06 November 2019John Singer Sargent - power of the portrait
02 October 2019Vietnam: Ancient & Contemporary Artistic Heritage
03 July 2019A Photographic Odyssey: Shackleton’s Endurance Expedition On Camera
05 June 2019Under The Open Sky – , Newlyn, Falmouth and Lamorna Artists from 1880-1940
01 May 2019A Decorative Art: The History of Wallpapers
03 April 2019A Child of Six Could Do It! Cartoonists’ Views of Modern Art
06 March 2019The Fighting Temeraire: Facts and Fiction behind Britain’s Most Popular Painting
06 February 2019Hidden Canvases – Street Art & The City
09 January 2019Painting the Modern Garden – from Monet to Matisse
05 December 2018Singe we Yule’: A Musical Portrait of a Medieval Christmas
07 November 2018From Peasants to Czars: A Portrait of Russian Society in the 19th Century
03 October 2018Fine Art Forgery: Craftsmanship or Conjuring Trick?

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Turner vs Constable: The Great British Paint-Off. The lecture will be delivered live by Zoom. Nicola Formby Wednesday 01 July 2020

This lecture will be delivered live online on Wed 1 July at 11.00 am.

The link to this lecture has been sent by email from Arts Society North Wiltshire on Monday 29 July.  Please click on the link in the email by no later than 10.55am, the lecture will start promptly at 11.00am.  The lecture is intended for members only - please do not share the link.  Many thanks.

This is the story of the epic rivalry between the two giants of British art, JMW Turner and John Constable. As unlike in background and temperament as their paintings were in style, these two creative geniuses transformed the art of landscape during the nineteenth century.  This lecture sets them head-to-head and examines their 'signature' paints and how their differing approaches fared in the competitive arena of the Royal Academy.

We also examine how they overcame the 'technical' challenge of sketching from nature before witnessing the final showdown of their respective 'showstoppers'.  But who will ultimately be crowned star painter?