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04 March 2020A Tour of Big Ben
01 April 2020August Rodin and 19th century sculpture
06 May 2020Tapestry - the ultimate wall decoration
03 June 2020The Silver Thread: Silver Filigree & Traditional Arts in Kosovo
01 July 2020Turner vs Constable: The Great British Paint-Off

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A Tour of Big Ben Tim Redmond Wednesday 04 March 2020

Big Ben is one of the most iconic buildings in the world - it identifies the UK and democracy in the Western world, but there is much more to this tower than the beautiful, external gothic architecture and Tim will prove this to you.  Using stunning images, he will take you on a virtual tour of the interior, saving you the effort of climbing 334 spiral stairs.  He will explain the historical background and discuss the friction between the often controversial personalities involved in the building and designing of the tower.  Tim will then take you behind those magnificent clock faces, show and explain the workings of the enormous clock mechanism  before finally taking you into the belfry and presenting before you - Big Ben, the most famous bell in the world!  After all that excitement, Tim will ensure you safely descend the stairs.